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Iron Ore

We offer best quality Iron Ore to our customers. Our range of Iron Ore includes Hematite Iron Ore and Magnetite Iron Ore. Our Iron Ore carries very high amounts of hematite or magnetite and are very "natural ore". Iron Ore is the raw material used for making pig iron, which is raw material used by steel industries

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Hematite Iron Ore

The company provides the best quality Hematite Iron Ore in the market. Our Hematite Iron Ore is very rich in iron content. Hematite Iron Ore is also used by jewelers for providing shine and luster to the Jewelry.


  • 100% naturals
  • Superior quality
  • Rich in iron

Magnetite Iron Ore

We are one of the major Manufacturers, Exporters, and Importers of Magnetite Iron Ore. Magnetite Iron Ore is used for the extraction of Iron. Iron liberated from the ore is generally used to make steel and other blends. Our Magnetite Iron Ore is of fine quality and adulteration free.